weeds season 7 finale 'Weeds' finale: Will Season 8 be answering 'Who shot Nancy Botwin?'“Weeds” took the Big Apple by storm for Season 7, jumping ahead three years and seeing Nancy get out of prison and go back to her drug dealing ways, this time on Wall Street. Her goal was to get Stevie back from her crazy sister Jill.

So where did the season finale leave the Botwin clan?

Well, some stuff happened in New York. It was all kind of rushed around – funeral for Andy’s dead polyamorous friend, Shane saying he can make it up to the police officer he hoodwinked, Nancy and Jill getting all her pot from Dimitry and him conveniently going away to prison.

Fast-forward two months – the entire Botwin clan, plus Jill and her two kids, Stevie and Doug Wilson have bought a compound in Connecticut. And someone is hiding in the bushes with a sniper rifle and then a shot rings out.

“Weeds” hasn’t been renewed yet for an eighth season, so this may have just been the series finale – which would not be that crazy considering this show. But we’re hoping it comes back and they are told it’s the last season, so they can actually wrap things up.

What did you think, “Weeds” fans?

: “Weeds” creator Jenji Kohan answers a few questions about the Season 7 finale, if you’re interested.

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