meital yummy boyz 'Weeds' Meital Dohan debuts 'Yummy Boyz' music video. Best not explained    just watchU.S. audiences may remember Israeli actress Meital Dohan (pronounced “Mey-tall”) from her turn on Showtime’s “Weeds,” and sharing the screen with Rashida Jones in the critically acclaimed “Monogamy.” Already the author of several books and plays, Meital is now trying her hand at the music scene.

]]>Zap2it has your first look at her debut single, “Yummy Boyz.” There’s not much we can say about the video except that if you’re anything like us, you’ll watch it with your head cocked to the side and a puzzled expression on your face. “Making the video was a bigger than life experience and even better than drugs,” Meital says. “Obama was great on the shoot. He came on time and he behaved properly,” she adds with a sly grin. “I was really surprised and pleased that the President of the United States wanted to be in my video.” Suffice it to say, President Obama does not make an actual appearance in the video. A look-a-like sure does, though. You can watch the video below and if you’re diggin’ the track, check it out on iTunes. Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section below. She’s definitely cute, but are you just as baffled as we are?

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci