weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: Betty White's Nipple ConfidenceOn “Weeds”: Doug, using some surprising critical thinking skills, manages to get Ignacio and Cesar all the way to Seattle, where they shoot a hobo, and then a feral cat drinks his blood, and it’s totally hilarious. Uncle Randy makes sous chef, upon finally impressing Chef Stormare with a duck confit amuse-bouche.

Younger Newman Shawn, stretching beautifully into his role as Avi’s parent — and telling Nancy she’s fired from the job, and a bad drug dealer to boot — joins a mommy group full of HITG MILFs, and while it’s thin given everything else in the episode, what we get is very awesome. He spins them a wild tale of teen pregnancy and baby mamas getting blown up in The Iraq and such, but the head mommy has government contacts and soon learns this is a lie, and threatens to call CPS on them both.

Elder Newman brother Mike is still shivering from his gay-adjacent activities, so he heads to a college campus for some poon. He ends up making friends with several d-bags of both genders, including Adam from “Joan Of Arcadia” and a vajazzled girl, and falling in love with the idea of college. Good old Mike. (Hopefully, no crummy little jerks will get you pregnant on purpose, to dissuade you from this dream!)

And Nathalie? Still trying to crack the mystery that is woman, after a run-in with our beloved Miss Jeanette leaves her stranded with no hash and a seriously bitchy young s*** of a concierge to deal with. She talks Randy into getting her the hotel kitchen’s used oil for the lesbians’ biodiesel car so they will give her their “shake” so she can turn it into hash so she can deal through the concierge, but then she and Randy get surprised by cops outside the dealers’ house! Consider yourself cliffhung.

So yeah, it was good but moved way fast. Basically — aside from the Shawn parts, which may be leading somewhere amazing — it’s like that one “M*A*S*H” episode, only way less happens and there’s a bunch more naked Silas. Advantage: “Weeds.”

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