weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: Eating Joe MontanaOn “Weeds,” Judah Botwin was a rollercoaster designer, which should surprise nobody that knows his wife. So, now that Nancy’s broken up with her latest husband and going off the grid, the family heads to a carnival in Montana. This is so Nancy can make Shane ride a rollercoaster and maybe talk him out of being crazy, and just generally as a lull now that they’re fully engaging with something other than the west coast. A few Tea Party trash run-ins later, the world’s only managed to degrade his morals further, but at least we get to see Nancy and Shane having fun.

In stark and explicit contrast to their particular form of scary/crazy, you’ve got Andy and Silas, the grown-up version of Andy, trying once again to provide for the rest of the family and once again failing miserably. This time, it’s a butter-sculpture eating contest (administered by the eerily magnetic John Ross Bowie, with whom I am so obsessed I can tell you without checking he’s married to Jamie Denbo who played Raylene last year) for the prize of a luxurious luxury mobile home.

Andy drops out early, Silas wins, a bunch of fat white Midwesterners go home in coffins, and it’s awesome. But of course they need a SSN or something, they’re not just going to hand it over, so then Silas makes that “I dropped my ice cream” face and they head back off the grid in the car he stole from his vajazzled girlfriend. Elsewhere, that cop is showing people, Cesar for instance, pictures of Nancy in that hideous wedding dress. Which is just mean.

Next week: Mark-Paul Gosselaar. That’s really enough information, frankly.

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