weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds': Bottom drawerweeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds': Bottom drawerWow. I wish this episode had a safeword. You know, you don’t usually come to “Weeds” looking for a good cry. It happens — the sex tape, the punishment light, the butter cookies — but never like you think it will, and never for the right reasons.

Doug heads back to Agrestic/now Regrestic for his passport, but once he gets a load of ex-wife Dana’s new husband (think “To Sir, With Love”), he decides he doesn’t even want to go to Copenhagen, he just wants to sit in the treehouse and be in love with her and, you know, suck the same way Doug always sucks.

Back in Dearborn, meanwhile, Schiff has robbed the post office to pay for Copenhagen tickets, and is now on the run not just for Nancy’s sake but also his own. And Andy has engineered a genius callback to Shane’s first-season weirdness, videotaping Hooman’s fake murder complete with bag-over-head, but then Daud requests Hooman’s penis, which sends the boys to hottie coroner Ike Barinholtz to get a fake penis, which does not convince Daud, but then Daud’s wife sells him the passports anyway, because since when does an Andy plot need a point.

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