weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: I'm Only HoomanHooman, Nancy’s charming new bartender friend on “Weeds,” directs them to a guy for passports, but Andy somehow ends up being tasked with the murder of the guy’s daughter’s fianc�. Who happens to be Hooman. So suddenly Andy’s in the middle of this Sunni-Shia conflict with a scary business guy on the one hand and this dear young bottle service d-bag on the other, trying to play both sides off each other.

Silas gets about one beer in with Lars before admitting his paternity worries; being told that his high school girlfriend might have hidden a now college-age kid from him sends Lars into a tailspin. Andy tries to explain to Silas how it’s probably not true and doesn’t matter anyway, but you know Silas. He’s going to wig until he’s done wigging. Or at least until Andy makes the most rational suggestion of all, which is: Ask Nancy.

Mr. Schiff drinks a bunch of the invented drug drink and goes into a whole delightful meltdown, which Shane enjoys just as much as anybody else watching it would. Doug, on learning sadly that he was not included in the passport plan, rushes off to make his own arrangements. I’m guessing at least this and the Andy-murder plot will be the things that Owen Meany themselves into the finale cliffhanger and getting Nancy off whatever hook she’s on. And speaking of, what’s Nancy doing?

Well, tracking this Ellis Tate who approached her in the graveyard, since Schiff remembers Ellis Tate being a chubby happy girl and not Chuck Klosterman at all. Over at the library, she’s attacked by the wonderful, perfect, sorely missed genius Stephnie Weir, and confirms Schiff’s story. Arranging that coffee date, Nancy manages to sneak into his motel room and find all his sneaky spy stuff, including the dossiers and whatnot on their whole family, going back to the tunnel (possibly as far back as Peter?).

This Vaughn Coleman, is he FBI? Working for Esteban? Part of the video camera thing? None of the above: He’s a writer for the San Diego County Tribune, as Nancy finds out when she has to mace him halfway through sneaking his sneaky stuff, doing a story on Nancy’s whole weird life. Which Nancy’s all too willing to describe, if he’ll help her get out of the country for good.

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