weeds season 6 premiere thwack 'Weeds' recap: Little Man HateAs we return to “Weeds,” Shane’s pretty chill about the fact that he just murdered a lady, but for once his mother seems to get the gravity of the situation. At least until she starts drinking, at which point she pretty much just keeps drinking. It’s weird to see Nancy Botwin out of control — physically, as opposed to like existentially — but considering the entire universe has turned against her, it’s probably best.

Because every single character on the entire show would like Nancy to know what an a**hole she is, and how this whole six years of cascading bulls*** situations is something she made up out of her own head and that everything she does is just to make more zombies to do her f****d-up bidding. Most notably on this list are the holy trinity of authentic wisdom made up of Silas, NPR and Alanis Morissette (last and most holy of whom delivers a speech I’m sure we’d all have liked to deliver Nancy at some point, beginning with “Bitch! You crazy bitch!” and continuing on from there).

Not on this list: Poor Esteban, who covers up all evidence but will probably send his devoted Cesar to cut off her thumbs, and hapless Andy Botwin, whom she retrieves from his disappointed fianc�e under the guise of commandeering the urban assault vehicle he once thought represented all manhood and now is just the bigger boat in which Mama Jaws is driving us all merrily to hell. After saving them from that crossbow-wielding Jesus freak Gale, Nancy blatantly begs Andy to come with; of course he is no match for that, and Audra’s nearly happy to see him go.

So it’s Silas, Shane, Nancy, baby Stevie Ray and Andy once again a happy little family on the run …

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