weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: My Body Is My Wonderland“Weeds”: Holy s*** that was good. We haven’t been this hyped for the next installment since we were still selling edibles, and it’s just only barely because of the massive cliffhanger. Just unbelievably, crystal-clear good, from beginning to end. Showtime’s official announcement of Season Seven today just got that much sweeter.

Okay, so the cliffhanger from last week — cops outside the lesbian hash supplier — is taken care of pretty easily, in a sparkling scene that recalls the best of the show’s early seasons. However, the van is now no longer useful, and will soon lead the cops to realize that the Botwins are hiding in Seattle. Meanwhile, God saves Doug — thanks a lot — by tossing Cesar and Ignacio enough coincidental hints that they get all the way to the motel. That’s two groups closing in.

Luckily, Nancy’s already working on leaving town, planning to stiff her hash customers and flee with the extra cash. Several problems arise with this plan, as follows: (1) Silas has decided to stay in Seattle for school and activism, (2) Shane’s got those Lunch Mommies on his case and calling CPS, (3) Andy’s having a major freakout about his life choices, and that (4) awesome hotel maid, Latrice, is onto her scheme.

One short (offscreen) fistfight later, Latrice is out for blood (5), Nancy notices Doug tied up in the back of Cesar’s car and realizes (6) Mexico has gotten closer than ever, the Mommies have the sheriff and a deaf CPS agent outside (7), there’s a random crossbow and naked Andy making them all look insane (8), Latrice’s backup has a warrant (9) so they’re both going crazy, and Shane just got kidnapped by Cesar (10). It is at this point that Nancy locks herself in a strange bathroom and goes into a sort of crazy rage fugue.

And that’s just the awesome plot. The rest of it is all witty Stee dialogue and gorgeous relationship mechanics: About a hundred dearly awaited moments between Nancy and Andy, including acknowledgment that she has been playing him this entire time and has every intention of continuing to do so; a pretty moving moment when Silas realizes once again she’ll never actually let him go; Andy’s reexamination of his desire to have a normal life v. his desire to have crazy f***ing Nancy; the semiotics of Toblerone bars and the bald women that love them; and best of all, the fact that with 15 different enemies banging down the door, Nancy’s only thought is still to get her boys as far out of danger as possible.

This sense of momentum can be as fleeting as it is delicious, so I don’t want to say that the season is ramping the fuck up heading into its middle next week, but that long-ago feeling that absolutely anything could happen on this show, that feeling we lost somewhere in Mexico? Way back. This episode felt about two hours long; here’s hoping it’s a sign of things to come. Good work. Excellent work.

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