weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: "Riddelin Makes Sprinkles In My Brane!"On “Weeds”: It’s a bittersweet but intriguing act-break as Andy finally convinces Nancy to leave the country. Avi’s weird poo sends Nathalie and Randy off to a pediatrician, who diagnoses Nat with a serious case of bad parenting that scares her enough that she nearly turns herself over to the FBI. (This on the tails of a total Amber Alert broadcasting that awful wedding dress everywhere, a final insult.)

Sister Jill Price is the interviewee this week, and she’s not doing well: Divorced, raising twins, high on something and making endless ceramic vaginas. We do get some info on the Price Girls, which is always interesting: Dad worked for Ford, Mom was a drunk, they were not well off. So, the pieces continue coming together as slowly as Pangaea drifted apart, but it really seems like it’s headed somewhere this time.

Reconsidering Stevie’s health and Andy’s place in her life, not to mention the fact that she’s managed to ignore this son even more completely than the other two, she finally gives in to the pressure — but only after a final drive-by of her childhood home in Detroit. We’ll see if they make it off the continent, between Andy’s description of Copenhagen as “cozy,” linking it to the childhood home, and Nathalie’s dream job of “skydiver.” Not to mention the reemergence of the mermaid image, which is never a good sign.

While Doug romances the groupies of a children’s TV show band — a sequence that involves a penguin costume, a hookah named “Medusa” and a threesome with a bunny rabbit — Silas and Shane sell their hash to bored parents. Silas takes this opportunity to put Shane through his drug-dealing paces, sabotaging him at every turn and eventually making him siphon gas to prove the point that he’s a good murderer but a bad drug dealer. It seems really shady but then you think, this is still more active parenting than Nancy has ever exhibited.

Next week: No f***ing clue. This season rocks.

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