weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: Theoretical Love Is Not DeadGetting everybody to the airport on time is kind of a nightmare. You got Silas having paternity-related freakouts and making out with Andy and refusing to go to Copenhagen, Shane acting sociopathic and abusing Lars, Schiff is still bonkers… Oh, and Nancy’s in the trunk of Guillermo and Esteban’s car.

Almost two-thirds of the episode takes place in the airport, as everybody tries to get where they’re supposed to be. Ignorant of Nancy’s fate, Andy does various feats to get Shane, the baby and himself — along with Schiff — through security. Meanwhile, Nancy manages to score a cell-phone off a cleaning lady thanks to her bloody nose (“Remember when you used to hit me and it was sexy?” she asks Esteban at one point) and tells Andy to go to Plan C.

Managing to slip the guys at the terminal, Nancy joins her family at the gate and then has a meltdown when she learns that Andy left Silas behind with Lars, because obviously he’s not safe either. Of course Andy starts crying immediately when he figures out Nancy has no intention of getting on the plane. She stays, they leave, there’s just unbelievably hairy tension as Shane acknowledges the fact, but before he can find a way off the plane and back to his mother the cops show up for Schiff. Who confirms he was f***ing Nancy since she was fourteen — “I loved her and then she outgrew me” — so hopefully he is subsequently raped to death by dogs that are on fire.

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