weeds mary louise parker s6 320 'Weeds' recap: 'Who, Exactly, Is After Us?'On “Weeds,” Nancy takes a while to figure out where they’re going, in their little van, but eventually decides on Canada. Why? Because it’s the opposite direction from Mexico. She spends the first half of the episode in that likable haze from last week, so that’s the level she’s processing at. But they get stopped at the border and — since Stevie Ray doesn’t have a birth certificate — turned back.

But it’s not just Stevie who’s a problem. Silas is, of course, totally not interested in running away — not to mention the only one who doesn’t buy Nancy’s standard flight mode — and threatens to strike out on his own. As usual, he is wonderful and heartbreaking and brings out the best in Nancy and everybody else, but ultimately, after everybody has a good cry, he decides to stick with it. And Shane… well, Nancy can’t even pull it together to parent him past smacking him in the face a few times, so they just sort of d�tente for now.

Everybody gets rid of their phones once the FBI gives Nancy a call, and we learn Esteban is also being hounded by them. And the fact that Nancy’s got Stevie is, of course, a huge issue. But the arbitrary nature of these Esteban scenes means presumably that nothing will actually happen there for at least four episodes, probably eight.

Andy keeps trying to get Nancy to open up about the murder …

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