We are just five days away from Weeds‘ fourth season finale, and in honor of the special occasion, I’m answering reader questions about what will go down…

I am loving Weeds right now. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Will Showtime bring it back for more episodes? -Denise
Indeed. Monday’s season ender sets the stage for another year, no doubt.

What’s up with the promos for next week’s Weeds? "A season finale that will leave you speechless"? What could they possibly be doing? Burning Renmar down? -Ande
There will be no wildfires and no arson next week. In fact, you’ll find that Nancy’s more about creating than destroying.

Is Nancy’s Mexican mayor boyfriend going to beat the heck out of her when he finds out what she’s done? -Farryl
I don’t think so. Nancy’s got a wild card up her sleeve.

Gimme some Andy scoop. Will he and Doug’s girl run away together? -Jackie
No, silly. Doug will have his cheating girl deported right quick. Actually,
it seems Andy may have feelings for another lady whom we all know
quite well.

Silas Botwin is so hot!!!! I am jealous of Julie Bowen. How long will she be around? -Rox

Not sure if we’ll see Julie Bowen after Monday’s finale. Lisa and Silas will break up, so she doesn’t need to return next year. But I’m hearing the producers would love it if she did. By the way, Silas turns 18 on this week’s episode, so he’s no longer jail bait.

Korbi, it looks like Celia’s
daughter Quinn is finally coming back to Weeds!  Any idea what she’s
been up to?  And are you at all responsible for making this happen? -Joe

How cool that you remember me saying that over a year ago. Sadly, I don’t think I had much to do with Quinn’s return, but I can tell you that she is definitely appearing in Monday’s episode and we’ll probably see her again next season as well. Her character sets the stage for that. Oh, and she will be portrayed by Haley Hudson, the same girl who played Quinn in the first place. No soap-style recasts here…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh