" is back tonight and, let's see, what can I tell you?

Well, the show is still on top of its game. Though the storyline is sort of out there these days, the series' sense of humor makes everything okay. I actually enjoyed this evening's episode more than I'd expected to.

The ridiculousness picks up right where it left off, with Nancy breaking her joyous pregnancy news to her Mexican mafioso baby daddy just in time (as he was but moments away from having her killed, of course) and the level of insanity only rises after that.

I'm not sure what to spill, so I think I'll just answer a few of your reader questions…

Korbi, Is Nancy really pregnant on "Weeds" or is it just a scam to keep her safe? -P
Nope, she's definitely carrying a kid inside that skinny bitch body of hers.

I've been waiting all year to find out whether or not Nancy and Andy will be together. Is she oblivious to the fact that he's in love with her? -Tanya
He will come right out and tell her he loves her tonight, so, uh, no.

I need to know if Andy has a shot with Nancy. I know you interviewed

the guy who plays him last year and he was coy about it, but you

must know more by now. -Jessica

Indeed I do. Let's see, does Andy have a shot with Nancy? Sure. The

door isn't dead bolted. But Andy will soon be getting busy in a Burger King bathroom with someone

else, so don't hold your breath for a "Nandy" hook up just yet.

How is Jennifer Jason Leigh as Nancy's sister on "Weeds"? -Eddie
Fantastic. My favorite part of the new season so far.

Is Elizabeth Perkins (Celia) leaving "Weeds"? I heard a rumor. -Michelle
A false one. No, Celia was taken captive by Quinn and her boyfriend, so she won't be part of Nancy's life for several episodes. But she's still very much a part of the show.

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh