After some breakout, breakthrough, and just plain broken performances last night, it's time to belly up to the bar and see which celebs will be ejected from "Dancing with the Stars." It's two, two, two cuts in one!


Since Samantha Harris was losing her voice in yesterday's broadcast, Tom announces that she won't be talking as much today. *Insert joke here*

After the recap, Len introduces our first encore of the season – the nod obviously going to Gilles & Cheryl's ridiculously hot Argentine Tango. It didn't lose much sizzle overnight.

While watching the leaderboard role call, I still can't believe Steve-O got a lower score than Holly. It should've been at least the same. Anyway, Tom clears up some confusion by announcing there'll be no Dance Off tonight since there's a double elimination. Gilles & Cheryl and LT & Edyta are safe but Holly & Dmitry aren't so lucky. They're the first in the Bottom Three and seemingly the first to stand beneath the Red Light…OF DOOOOOOOOOM!

Post commercial, Kevin Rudolf sings "Let It Rock" while some pros dance a Paso Doble (which is one of next week's dances). Why is this Rudolph dude dressed like he's 22 when he's so clearly much older? Whatever, I hate this song. Hello mute button! The pros appear to be Lacey, Chelsie, Derek, a guy who I can't quite identify (Artem maybe?), and a blonde who may or may not be Julianne. The choreography is fantastic and the ladies are serving it on a platter.

After Samantha barely made it through her backstage interview, Tom reveals that Shawn & Mark are also safe before throwing to a commercial.

To demonstrate the Viennese Waltz, three sets of champions dance to "Annie's Song" by John Denver (aka "You Fill Up My Senses…") around some chandeliers that light up on occasion. It was choreographed by Louis Van Amstel, who I don't miss at all.

Mmm…filler-rific. Here's a short package of everyone talking about the double elimination before, during, and after last night's show. Really it was just so the couples could make it back onstage in time to find out Chuck & Julianne are safe while Steve-O & Lacey are not.

Oh yay! I love Boyz II Men! They sing a medley of Motown hits (including their classic "End of the Road") while Cheryl, Tony, Kym and Dmitry dance. I like the girls' shimmy dresses. And did I mention that I love Boyz II Men? Because I do.

After another scratchy-voiced backstage interview, we get another piece of pre-taped time-killing in the form of the judges giving their thoughts on the contestants. Then Lil' Kym & Derek and Melissa & Tony are given a stay of execution before yet another set of adverts.

Good grief, another package? This one is about the celebs musing about the balance between impressing the judges and playing to the audience. This bit of filler was really to mask the explination of how the scores are tabulated and the way people can vote. Whatever. Ty & Chelsie are safe…but The Woz & Karina aren't. Yes, that means David Allen Grier & Kym are also dancing next week.

So, after seemingly more adieu than usual this season, it's announced that Holly & Dmitry are the first to get cut. Between the two Steves, it looks like the Nerd Army wasn't enough to compensate for The Woz's low judges' score. Steve-O survives to dance another day.

The Woz very sweetly tells Holly she did so well during dress rehearsal he wanted to cry and expressed his appreciation for Karina. He really is awesome. The four of them link arms and whatnot as the band plays "End of the Road."

Was anyone at all surprised by the results? Do you dislike that Kevin Rudolph song as much as I do? Any other thoughts?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks