This week we actually get an elimination on Dancing with the Stars. Will Rocco DiSpirito make it through to another week? Will Cloris go home instead? Will Tom Bergeron stop yelling during the intro? No…because it’s live!


After the customary recap, Len gives Lance Bass & Lacey the encore nod. Well deserved I think, both for content and based on his vast improvement. Before throwing it to a commercial, they show a faux political commercial calling Cody Linley a baby endorsed by Brooke Burke. It was surprising funny.

Coming back from the break, we get a "Rocco DiSpirito: Never trust a skinny chef" spot brought to us by Warren Sapp. After a painful interview segment, Los Vivancos – a Flamenco group from Spain comprised of seven brothers – comes to perform. Their costumes are modified matador outfits with a jacket and no shirt. Oh look…there goes the jackets. Good times. Some guys are cuter than others but they’re all good dancers.

The first couples safe are Susan "Viva La" Lucci & Tony and Lance & Lacey. And, to break up what they normally do, they announce the first couple in the bottom two – Rocco DiSpirito & Karina. The next "commerical" is anti-Brooke. It says that she’s pretty and can dance, "Don’t you just hate her? Say no to hot chicks who can dance" and it’s paid for by the rest of the cast. Comedy.

Back from an actual set of commercials, we get a message saying that Maurice Greene is always happy and laughing so he must think this competition is a joke (paid for by the "Lance Bass Foundation"). Tom Begeron and Samantha Harris then introduce our first team in the Kids Competition they’re repeating from last season. It’s Mitchell (11) & Jessica (10) who’ve known each other their entire lives. He plays golf, she design costumes (including the outfit she’s wearing tonight). They’re performing the Cha Cha to "All Star" by Smashmouth. They’re very good dancers without a hint of creepiness that can be inherent in young performers.

Our next dancers are Kirill (11) & Hannah (10) and they’ve been dancing together for two and a half years. Hannah does gymnastics and is crazy competitive while Kirill plays hockey. They’re doing a Samba to "I Wanna Be Like You" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. They’re really good too, I’m impressed.

The next commercial break is bookended by two "campaign" commercials. The first counts the amount of money Cloris Leachman was cost the production, paid for by the DwtS accounting department. The one back from break is about Lance being a spazz ("Lance Bass is probably crazy") endorsed by Toni Braxton.

Before the kid dancers get the results, they have to endure being interviewed by Samantha. Poor children. In a predictably split vote, Kirill & Hannah move on to the next round. I preferred Mitchell & Jessica. Sure, they didn’t have super-advanced technique but they had an organic quality to their movements.

Now we’re treated to a performance by Ne-Yo of his current hit single "Closer." I heart Ne-Yo. He’s classy, can genuinely sing and dance, and makes consistently good music. Yet another "paid ad" follows, this one saying that Toni Braxton is too successful and is brought to us by Rocco DiSpirito.

To waste more time, Len explains that next week they’ll be looking more at the performance than the technique for the four new dances next week. Not bloody likely. Before we get more results, there’s another fauxmercial (a-paid-for-by-Cloris ad about Susan Lucci utilizing things she’s done while playing Erica Kane) and a backstage interview from Sam and the two saved couples. Yargh.

Brooke & Derek are safe as are Cody Linley & Julianne. Rounding out the safe folks are Toni Braxton & Alec, Warren Sapp & Kym, and Maurice Greene & Cheryl. Meaning Cloris & Corky are also in the bottom two. But first, Warren Sapp gets taken down a peg by it being alleged that he’s wearing a fat suit and is a cheater. The message is endorsed by Susan Lucci, who identifies as Erica Kane. Good times.

After our last break of the night, it comes down to Rocco & Karina and Cloris & Corky and, unfortunately, it’s Rocco’s time to go. He really put his all into it but, though he leaves now, at least he’s managed to alter our collective negative perception of him that was based on his short lived reality show. On his way out, he gets Bruno to come out of his seat and show him how to move his hips.

Much to Julianne dismay.

They dance to "I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues" by Elton John to say their farewell. Single tear.

Your thoughts? Should Cloris have been sent home instead? Will you miss Rocco? How’d you like the fauxmercials?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks