This week's "Dancing with the Stars" elimination wasn't exactly surprising, but it still made me sad. *single tear*


Tonight's show kicks off with a Viennese Waltz encore from Lil' Kim & Derek. The singer was a little more mleh today but their dance didn't suffer from it. During the recap we learn that Melissa had stepped on her skirt and ripped it towards the end. Yet another explanation as to why she seemed a little off. Bypassing the leaderboard rundown, we jump right to learning that Shawn & Mark and Lil' Kim & Derek are the first couples safe.

In the audience tonight is Harold Perrineau, star of the new, seemingly odd cop show "The Unusuals" and former yeller of "Waaaaaaaaaalt!!!!" on "Lost."

Etta James is in the house to sing "At Last," Tom Bergeron noting that it's a song sung as only she can. Darn tootin'. Maks and Karina are dancing what seems like a Viennese Waltz/Rumba hybrid. It was cool choreography and Etta got a standing ovation before the song even ended.

So who's safe now (in no particular order)? Gilles & Cheryl are, no surprise there. Steve-O & Lacey will be joining them – they're more surprised then I am. Since Samantha Harris talked to both them and Ty & Chelsie about having a rough night last night, I figured one of them was going to be let off the hook.

After a commercial break, we find out Chuck & Julianne have been given a reprieve as have Melissa & a very relieved Tony. Ty & Chelsie, LT & Edyta, and David & Kym are the folks left. But before we get to that, cue a bit of filler about the celebs adjusting to being on the show and rehearsing.

The Macy's Stars of Dance segment is brought to us by the Cirque du Soliel-like cast of "Le Reve," a dance and acrobatic espectacular from Vegas. I feel like I'd like it better live because I didn't really find it holding my attention. They're all highly talented, it just wasn't buttering my bread.

It's taken five weeks but they've finally worked in the shameless Disney cross-promotion in the form of a performance by Demi Lovato. She sings "LaLa Land" as Benji Schwimmer (Lacey's brother and season 2 "So You Think You Can Dance" winner) and Tory Smith get their dance on. Demi is trying entirely too hard. A shame because it seems there's a good voice hiding under all those vocal gymnastics and overreaching. Benji and Tory are entertaining though he's got a little more charisma than she does. Or perhaps I'm just distracted by that ginormous pink bow around her waist.

Now we get to find out who has to the misfortune of participating in the Dance Off. Ty & Chelsie are safe, which I'm not too surprised at, leaving Lawrence & Edyta and DAG & Kym in the bottom.

David Allen Grier & Kym

I don't know if they'll get much higher of a score tonight but I still found their Viennese Waltz enjoyable. There seemed there was more connection between the two of them tonight.

Judges: Len liked it as much today as last night and thought there was improvement, maybe not enough for a full point bump. Bruno thought there was a good edge to the performance. Carrie Ann congratulated them on a better connection tonight.

Score: 24 (all 8's) – 1-point higher than before

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta

LT wasn't fully ready when the number began but he recovered quickly. To his credit, he did connect the moves better but there was something a little off about it. Plus there was an accidental lift which Carrie Ann I'm sure will mention.

Judges: Bruno thinks we've only seen a fraction of what LT is capable of. Carrie Ann once again compliments how well he did to a hard bit of music and likes the power he has when he dances. Len also think he's got a lot of potential.

Score: 20 (6-7-7) – Carrie Ann didn't mention the lift but she did deduct a point for it anyway

Tom and Samantha only do a smidgen of lead-up before announcing that David & Kym have been eliminated. A boo/groan rises from the audience and the judges are the first on their feet to applaud them. I concur. I wish DAG would've made it another week because he really, really could've done great. He's sad but he handled it well. Their farewell dance is to "Goodbye To You" by Michelle Branch.

What say you about tonight's episode? Are you as disappointed as I am that David & Kym were eliminated? What did you think of tonight's special performances?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks