Tonight has to be one of the most shocking eliminations I’ve ever seen on Dancing with the Stars. It actually might be top on the list. Seriously, I’m not just saying that. Read on and prepare to have your mind blown.

Beware the spoilers!

Jane Seymour couldn’t make it to the show because she’s come down with a bad case of something resembling food poisoning. Ew. That can’t be fun.

The encore, of course, was the group dance. With everyone except Jane. Tony used Julianne during what was supposed to be the solo lift portion and danced by himself the rest of time. Upon seeing it again, I also really liked Jennie and Derek’s lift sequence.

Next up is a Barry Manilow performance (a song I assume is called "They Dance") with Cheryl Burke and Louis Van Amstel dancing. I’m quite glad Louis wasn’t one of the pros this season. He always kind of rubbed me the wrong way…there’s something slightly smarmy about him. But, smarminess aside, he and Cheryl did a great job.

During the first round of letting people off the hook, Mel B. and…Jane Seymour are safe? Shocking! Even to Tony, who’s left to celebrate by himself (at least until Maksim joined in). Okay. So I still think Marie is in the bottom but now I’m not so sure who else will be there. I’m pretty sure it won’t be Cameron…perhaps Helio? Or Jenny? I doubt it’ll be Sabrina what with all the pre-teen girls calling in for her.

The next sequence is a preview of the show Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. What’s cool about it is that they’re looking for singers AND dancers. No singing for this performance, but they danced to "Weapon of Choice" by Fatboy Slim (which the vocalists did a great job with, surprisingly – whoever the new dudes are, they oughta keep them). I was very impressed by the number and man, they suckered me in. I’m totally watching it. Huzzah for another dancing show!

Barry Manilow pops up again to perform "Mandy" with Jonathan and Anna dancing to it. I wasn’t going to mention it, but really…um…Barry should have had one less face lift. He’s got cat eyes, and that ain’t right.

Next up to waste our time is a segment with the celebs asking the judges questions (what they asked is fairly irrelevant) followed by a fairly lengthy bit about how everyone has bonded.

Now we get to find out who’s in the dreaded Red Light of Doom. Finally. Helio and Julianne – safe. Cameron and Edyta – not safe. Color me surprised. Jennie and Derek – safe. Marie and Jonathan – safe?!? What?!? It’s Sabrina and Mark. She looks like she’s going to cry, poor thing. Bruno thinks it’s madness that they’re in the bottom – I blame "the Simon Cowell Effect," meaning those who get the meanest comments live to fight another day.

And, unfortunately, Sabrina goes home. The crowd boos, Carrie Ann is crying, everyone on stage is stunned, and I call B.S.

Barry Manilow sings "My Eyes Adore You" to play them out. Thank goodness it wasn’t something more depressing.

Okay. So. Yeah. This is me, speechless. And a bit disgusted.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks