Tonight’s results offers little surprise to anyone who saw last night’s Dancing with the Stars. But there were extra performances and kid dancers to at least distract us while we waited for the inevitable.


The show kicks off, as always, with the recap of last night. The encore was of course the group number. It was simultaneously better and worse than it was last night.

Post leader board breakdown, Lance Bass & Lacey are the first to learn they are safe. Joining them is Cody Linley who is Julianne-less and flying solo tonight. Before going to commercial, Tom Bergeron hypes all the things coming up next and, while intro-ing Michael Flatley’s "Celtic Tiger" performance, the camera cuts to him as Carrie Ann and Bruno do presentational jazz hands on either side of him. Nice.

After the commercial, we get our kid dancers. Craig & Samantha (13 & 11) are a brother/sister team who’s little sister danced last season. They do a Cha Cha to Jennifer Lopez’ "Play" – I like them. They have good technique and Samantha works it in an age appropriate manner. Lucy & Simon (both 13) are next. They’ve been dancing for a year and a half together and perform a Samba to "Steal My Sunshine" by Len. Lucy’s ballet background serves her very well, she has great control and extension. And Simon is great partner.

Post break, and a less painful interview with Samantha Harris than usual, Samantha & Craig move on with the first unanimous decision in the kids’ division this season.

Next up is the Pussycat Dolls performing their new Missy Elliot produced single, complete with Missy on hand to do her rap. I find them entertaining, especially since they always dress like extremely not shy superheroes. Warren Sapp & Kym are saved before the break.

After the commercial, we get Michael Flatley’s 40’s gangster themed number. It starts off with a red screen and his dancing silhouette and moves to a smoking platform in the middle of the floor under a single spotlight. And then it catches fire! And at the end he jumps off and pyrotechnics shoot into the air from the platform. Yay pyrotechnics!

Um…okay. So our time-killing package involves a military officer, a sports psychologist and Misty May-Treanor’s coach talking about the mental aspect of competing and evaluating each remaining celebrity.

Of our remaining celebs, Brooke Burke & Derek and Maurice Greene & Cheryl are safe leaving Cloris Leachman & Corky and Susan Lucci & Tony, who are not necessarily in the bottom two but still in danger. No surprise there.

After our last break of the night, it’s revealed that Cloris’ time has come. Cloris approaches the judges and says her farewell. She and Carrie Ann share a moment of genuine affection. Also, she vows to show up next week in a pretty costume. Corky didn’t get to talk. Their last dance and cast hugs are done to "Save the Last Dance For Me."

So, the inevitable has happened. Cloris has said her adieu. Rejoice or boo as you see fit. Any other thoughts from the night? Did you dig Michael Flatley’s performance?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks