I know I’ve said this before but I feel the need to repeat the question: Why must host Tom Bergeron yell at us during the opening of Dancing with the Stars? I know it’s suppose to evoke excitement, but really I just feel like a PA who got his coffee wrong and is being needlessly lambasted for it.

Spoilers below…

After the recap, I’ve decided that, while I really like Helio & Julianne’s Quickstep, I like Mel & Maksim’s Mambo a little better. Just a smidge. Because I think that’s the first time I’ve realized that Maks was genuinely having fun while dancing with Mel. But Helio & Julianne get the encore, and deservedly so. They were very good again and the band had the same phasing issue they had last night during the middle, but still good for such a difficult song.

Next is a Gloria Estefan number with two pairs of professional dancers. Gloria even dances a little with the guys. All in all, very enjoyable. Brava!

The first couple safe is…Marie & Jonathan. Can’t say that I’m surprised. Despite her problems with consistency, sympathy can go a long way and I doubt the general voting populace wanted to add any distress to an already stressful time for her.

Jimmy Kimmel returns with a pre-taped segment involving Tom Bergeron. It was funnier than usual, but that’s not saying much this season.

Next up…Fatima Robinson and her crew for the Stars of Dance segment. I was really looking forward to this and I was certainly not disappointed. She’s super rad.

Our next bit of filler is all about the dancers and their backgrounds, as well as what Len and some of the other professionals think of them. A pretty interesting segment – they should do it again next season, only earlier when more of the pros are around.

Gloria Estefan returns to perform "Conga" with a different two pairs of pros (Maks, Kym, Mark and Julianne). Once again, very entertaining.

To further waste our time, DwtS offers us a segment with Tony Robbins and some dude involved with "The Secret" discuss each contestants and their "will to win." Eh. Certainly less painful than the interview segments with Samantha Harris.

Helio & Julianne are the next couple to be announced as safe. And then there’s a commercial. Bleh.

Okay, now, finally we get to the person who’s going to be out – once again, not revealing who was in the Bottom Two. Mel & Maks get told that they’re safe right before Cameron & Edyta are told they’re not.

I’m not exactly surprised but I’m a little disappointed. Cameron takes it very well and then they show them the "journey to getting kicked off" farewell package. I think the producers are trying to get him to cry. He doesn’t though. Not even when they play "All Out of Love" by Air Supply for his and Edyta’s last dance.

Next Week: Two more dances and the personal lessons from Len.

Posted by:Tamara Brooks