Brace yourself people. It’s time to find out who our final four are on So You Think You Can Dance. Prepare yourself to be stoked and/or disappointed.


By the way, I just wanted to thank Liz for filling in for me so
masterfully while I was getting owned by San Diego Comic Con last week.

The opening group number is a Contemporary piece to "The Rose" by
Bette Midler. It’s interesting because, even though they’re doing the
same moves, each is putting their own flavor to it. It was pretty, I’m
not bowled over by it but it was very pretty. Huh. It was by Mandy
Moore. Odd. I usually respond more to her stuff.

Cat comes out and tosses her hair joyfully as a wind machine blows.
Fantastic. Adam Shankman, who Cat called "Shankers" (which is awesome_,
returns to join Nigel and Mary. Shankers announces that, on top of the
existing prize package, the winner will also get a featured dancer role
in a movie he’s producing. Ooooooooo.

Before the results, Nigel gives the remaining six contestants to not
get down about getting eliminated or get to hung up on rejection since
that’s the life of a dancer. But he wants them to know he’s proud of
them and that each has pulled in over 1 million votes. That’s insane.
Mary prattles on about being proud and layers of something and blah
blah blah. I tuned out, sorry. Shankers adds that they should always
remember that they’ve shown the best of themselves to everyone watching
and that they have fans out there.

Everyone gets to dance solos one last time, which they get to immediately instead of announces who’s "in danger."

1. Courtney
Song: "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy

One of the lyrics is "Goodbye my almost lover," which would be tragically ironic if she gets eliminated tonight.

2. Mark
Song: "Wind It Up (Original Neptunes Mix)" by Gwen Stefani

He’s dancing with suspenders attached to his jeans. It’s not my favorite solo of his but I still adore him.

3. Katee
Song: "Beautiful Disaster" by Jon McLaughlin

Back to a slow song, Katee is a solid as ever. No surprise there.

4. Joshua
Song: "I Can Make You Dance" by Zapp

He’s one of the few dancers who has consistently entertaining solos.
Also, he got his braces off which Cat points out. I bet he’s overjoyed
about it.

5. Chelsie
Song: "the Girl’s Gone Wild" by Travis Tritt

She goes with a Jive for tonight’s solo. She’s wearing this crazy new millennium saloon girl type outfit.

6. Twitch
Song: "Don’t Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin

Not only was it a great solo, I thought it was a great statement/philosophy for tonight.

Lil’ Demon comes out to dance to "planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa
& the Soulsonic Force. He’s 6-years-old, has been dancing for two
years, and is this amazing breakdancer. He’s better than a lot of
grownups I’ve seen. His brother taught him how to dance and, when Cat
(who’s picked him up to interview him) asks if he’s better than his
sibling, says yes. Adorable.

I’m so glad this is (theoretically) the last time we’ll see that Snuggle Happy Dance contest.

Elimination results start with the girls, going through recaps of
all three before Katee gets told she is safe and in the finals. And
then a commercial break. Boooooooooo!

Back from the break, the boys are now on stage. Ah, so that’s how
they’re going to stretch the show out. Double boo. With the replay of
Twitch’s Latin number, certainly the technique wasn’t great but I still
think he sold it really well. Plus, Chelsie drew my attention so much I
probably wouldn’t have noticed unless I purposefully focused on him. At
any rate, Joshua is definitely in the finale. Yay! He James Brown’s his
way to the "Safe Box" in happiness.

Lady Gaga now treats us to a performance of her hit "Just Dance,"
which is all kinds of 80’s flavored out there, but in a good way. Her
shoulder pads are so huge…like Sho’ Nuff from The Last Dragon.
And I appreciate that she always sings live. Good times. Cat points out
that Jason, a Season 2 finalist, is one of her back-up dancers.

Forgive this random aside brought about by a commercial: I freely admit that I got suckered into seeing the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
in the theaters but I’m not sure I’m feeling…sappy enough to succumb
to the charms of its sequel. But I still love you America Ferrara.

Okay, enough time-killing. Courtney and Chelsie are on the chopping
block first. Both look like a bundle of nerves but it’s Courtney who
gets the good type of relief. Chelsie has been eliminated and says a
tearful goodbye as Cat hugs her in reassurance.

It’s between Mark and Twitch. I love them both and will be sad either
way. And…Twitch has made it into the top four. I’ll miss Mark but on
the bright side we’ll get to see Twitch and Joshua dance together next
week. If they don’t do a Hip Hop number, it’ll be a crime. Mark
expresses his appreciation for the experience and for being around for
so long considering his uniqueness. He picks everyone up and hugs them,
even the boys.

All right people. Have at it. Disappointed? Happy? Excited? Feeling snacky? Share, discuss, rant to your heart’s content…

Posted by:Tamara Brooks