" and all the hard work has one contestant burning all right. And by "burning" I mean "flipping her lid."

Host Marissa Jaret Winokur starts the show off by saying everyone's feeling the pressure already and we see video evidence. Alicia's working hard to get her routine down and was practicing extra hours. Frustrated, she went to vent to some of the other contestants which turned into a fairly epic meltdown that involved screaming, throwing pillows, screaming into pillows, and angrily throwing stuff in the Cheat cabinet away, occasionally while screaming. One of the contests was even filming part of it on her cell phone. I'm betting it went on for at least ten minutes. Good times.

Next, Marissa reintroduces our judges Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walters, and Danny Teeson. As is the format, the two contestants with the least weight loss will be in the bottom and dance last.

1. Karla & Jull

Song: Fake-me-out "Funkytown"

Karla's little rehearsal package has her boasting that she lost the most weight because, essentially, all the other contestants are lazy. She's doing nothing to get off the Stinkface List. The beginning is awkward and stilted though it's supposed to be robotic. Once it got into the actual meat of the routine, it still lacked fluidity. Plus her face seemed to frozen in this big, goofy, open-mouthed smile. Not a good showing, and I'm not just saying that because I dislike her. Mayte says she felt a little stiff, Lisa Ann didn't think she was connected to the music, and Danny thought they weren't connected to each other.

Score: 5.3 (6-5-5)

Weightloss: 2.66% (-4.4 lbs)

Total: 7.96

2. Shayla & Mario

Song: "Upside Down" a la Diana Ross

Shayla is a consummate performer. She's giving sass for sure. This choreography, and the execution, is much better than Karla & Jull's number. Lots of good turns, great personality, really good job. Mayte called it "sexy," Lisa thought it was lovely but wanted a smidge more energy, and Danny thinks she nailed the spirit of the dance and advises to work on her spotting during turns.

Score: 7 (7-6-8)

Weightloss: 1.34% (-2.7 lbs)

Total: 8.34

3. Miles & Michelle

Song: "Shake Your Groove Thing" a la Peaches and Herb

Though Miles is unfamiliar with the genre, he's working it very well. They both listened to Lisa Ann and ramped up the routine difficulty, complete with a toe-touch and another complicated lift. He still needs to work on not looking down so much but otherwise did a really good job. Mayte said it was exciting but he needs to look at Michelle more, Lisa Ann really enjoyed it, and Danny said it was good but, since he looked down "95%" of the time, he kind of blew it.

Score: 6.7 (7-7-6)

Weightloss: 1.14% (-2.9 lbs)

Total: 7.84

Is it bad that I'm now disappointed Karla isn't in last place? I don't think it is…

4. Mara & Paul

Song: "Super Freak" a la Rick James

Paul is definitely one of the best choreographers out of all the pro partners. The concept is that Mara is the titular freak while Paul starts off all prim and proper, though Mara wins out at the end. The execution was really good and she performed the heck out of it. Mayte and Lisa Ann loved it but Danny thought the shtick was stronger than the steps. He got booed by the audience and Lisa Ann called him a buzz kill.

Score: 7.3 (8-8-6)

Weightloss: 1.25% (-3.2 lbs)

Total: 8.55

5. Ruben & Hilary

Song: Fake-me-out "Turn The Beat Around"

During rehearsal, Ruben is feeling confident since he's the only contestant old enough to have experience Disco first hand. The lifts were certainly impressive and he seems more authentically connected than last week. Strangely, he had a few timing issues which I wouldn't expect from a former pro but adrenaline can best even the most experienced. Mayte dug the lifts but wants to see a little more content and personality, Lisa Ann disagrees because any guy who can support a Death Spiral lift gets bonus points, and Danny loved that he hit the routine hard.

Score: 7.7 (7-8-8)

Weightloss: 1.70% (-5.1 lbs)

Total: 9.4

6. Pinky & Mr. Lucky

Song: "Don't Stop 'Til you Get Enough" a la Michael Jackson

After being in the Bottom Two last week, Pinky had a sit-down with Nutrition Consultant Meg Werner Moreta to help with the part that's giving her the most problem. She's working that leopard-print. She really does light up the stage and she always hits her routines hard. It wasn't perfect but it was very good. Mayte liked that it was clean but wants her to push it to the next level, Lisa Ann appreciates that she can be versatile, and Danny agrees with Lisa Ann.

Score: 6.7 (6-7-7)

Weightloss: 1.41% (-2.6 lbs)

Total: 8.11

7. Alicia & Italo

Song: "Last Dance" a la Donna Summer

One thing about Alicia is that even though she's making pretty good facial expressions, she mugging to the camera/audience a bit much. When Italo (who's wearing silver platforms – Work!) is looking at her during certain moves, it's almost like she has no idea he's there. The choreography was a step-up from last week in terms of difficulty and she did quite well. Certainly better than Karla. Mayte thought it was a really good performance but thought she was dogging it a bit at the end. Lisa Ann found it awkward at times. Danny agrees the execution wasn't always there but her "determination, excitement and energy" is admirable.

Score: 5.3 (6-4-6)

Weightloss: 1.12% (-2.8 lbs)

Total: 6.42

8. Trice & Jesus

Song: Fake-me-out "I Love The Nightlife"

Trice was mouthing the words during a lot of the routine which was cute. She performed really well, as I expected, and the execution was solid. I like that Jesus' choreography reflected the story of the song. Mayte loved everything about it, Lisa Ann thought it was sweet and feminine but wanted more connection with her partner, and Danny appreciated that she focused her energy and loved the dance.

Score: 7.3 (8-6-8)

Weightloss: 1.02% (-2.7 lbs)

Total: 8.32

9. Tara & Michael

Song: "Brick House" a la The Commodores

She injured her knee the Friday before showtime but she was given clearance to dance. Tara described it as "a twist and a pop" which, speaking from experience, is not fun. You can tell she's favoring the leg a little but is still doing well. She has a lot of energy so I'm okay with giving a slight pass on technique. Mayte thought it was good but to work on her toes, Lisa Ann congratulates her on pushing through despite her injury, and Danny didn't really care for the routine but loved her smile.

Score: 5.7 (7-5-5)

Weightloss: 1.63% (-3.8 lbs)

Total: 7.33

The Bottom Two

Warren and once again Brandon have lost the least this week. If the both pull high scores, Alicia will be sent home.

1. Warren & Sarah

Song: "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" a la Rod Stewart

Sarah is doing a great job with Warren, who's not a natural dancer. I'm reluctant to evaluate him in comparison to everyone else but, in terms of his ability, he did well though he messed up once. The routine was fun and his character was great. Mayte thought it was a good performance but he lost steam at the end. Lisa Ann said he looked like he was having fun but pointed out he got a bit lost in the middle. Danny wants more facial expressions but believes he shines because he works what he's got.

Weightloss: .90% (-3.1 lbs)

2. Brandon & Yesenia

Song: "That's The Way (I Like It)" a la KC & The Sunshine Band

I wonder if Brandon's afro is a wig or his own hair picked out? Probably a wig. It's too perfectly round to be real. His energy output was up and down but the routine was really fun. When he really hit the moves it was awesome. Lots of lifts, he had a great character going, and they threw in a synchronized cartwheel. Mayte was worried at first but was glad he brought it by the end. Lisa Ann scoffed at Brandon saying Disco wasn't his style in the rehearsal package. Danny says it was great and he progressed but he needs to bring the energy from beginning to end.

Weightloss: .66% (-1.5 lbs)

Alicia's been crying essentially since Lisa Ann gave her that 4. Brandon got a 7 from Mayte, a 7 from Lisa Ann, and a 8 from Danny for an average of 7.3 and a total score of 7.96. He's safe.

Warren needs at least an average of 5.7 from the judges to stick around. Mayte gave him a 5 and Danny gave him a 6. Lisa Ann is the deciding score this week. After giving them both words of encouragement, she gives Warren a 4 and saves Alicia. Warren takes it well and is happy about losing what he's lost up to now. Aw, why couldn't it have been Karla?

Next Week: Marissa announces that the judges are working the Stripper Poll next week. Wow. Pole dancing. I have no words.

What did you think of Disco night? Have a favorite number? Pulling for any contestant in particular? Do you join me in my dislike of Karla?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks