welcome to sweden amy poehler greg poehler 'Welcome to Sweden': Amy Poehler and brother Greg team up for fish out of water romanceFOX has the Deschanels, but NBC has the Poehlers. Siblings Greg and Amy Poehler are teaming up for the network’s new sitcom, “Welcome to Sweden,” written by and starring Greg (and based on his own life).

“The show is really two things — it’s a fish out of water story … and also it’s very much a love story about these two main characters,” Greg tells reporters in Los Angeles on a panel discussing his new show.

The series follows an accountant-to-the-stars who leaves his job and moves to Sweden when he falls in love. “I was a lawyer for 12 years in both New York and in Sweden. I started doing standup a little over two years ago in Sweden, which was really kind of the catalyst for this major career change,” Greg says. “It’s amazing to be here. Two years I sat up in my attic in Stockholm on a snowy winter day and wrote episode 1 and also set out what I wanted the show to be.”

He sent the script to his sister just for formatting advice, but instead she offered to produce it. “I’ve always known Greg was a funny writer and happy to know that you guys know that now too,” Amy says.

The show is a fish-out-of-water story, but it doesn’t mock the cultural differences between Sweden and America.

“This show is certainly not making fun of anything that happens in Sweden,” Amy says. “It’s about love taking you somewhere else and you having to adjust, not only to the idea of a new relationship, but a new country. I think our goal always was to celebrate what makes Sweden so excellent and also what makes it so weird, just like the U.S.”

“Welcome to Sweden” is roughly 85 percent English, with cameos from American actors like Will Ferrell (who also married a Swedish woman and spends time in the country). Season 2 has already been ordered in Sweden. Season 1 premieres July 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Watch a trailer for the new show below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley