Well, that's one way to draw attention to your favorite cause. Actress Mia Farrow did not eat for twelve days in order to express her support for people facing starvation in Darfur. The 64-year old actress dropped 13 pounds on her hunger strike.

But that wasn't good enough. Believe it or not, Farrow's initial goal was even more intense; to fast for a total of 21 days. When her blood sugar count dropped into the danger zone, however, Farrow's doctor worried she would go into seizures, and advised her to halt the fast.

"I was very disappointed," Farrow told PEOPLE. "I am a very stubborn person and very determined. I had modified my goal from 21 days and really hoped that I would reach my goal of fasting for 16 days, which is the number of aid agencies expelled."

We're pretty sure you get the same point across with 12 days that you do with 16, Mia.

What do you all think? Is a hunger strike a brave or downright loony way to draw attention to a cause?

— Stephanie Lysaght


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Posted by:Stephanie Lysaght