Well, this puts a whole new spin on Lance Armstrong‘s whole fear-of-commitment, perpetual ladies’ man image.

Over the past few years, the cycling bro has dated and dumped singer Sheryl Crow, designer Tory Burch, an Olsen (maybe) and most famously, actress Kate Hudson.

But he’s gonna be a daddy? Armstrong and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting their first child together, the cycling man tells People.

"Anna and I are thrilled to confirm that we are expecting in June and our families are ecstatic and grateful," he says in a statement. "We are very much looking forward to what 2009 brings on many fronts. We appreciate respecting our privacy, as we are both eager to celebrate the holidays as a family."

In September, Armstrong, 37, who won seven straight Tour de France races after beating testicular cancer, announced his return to professional cycling in 2009.

He has three children, Luke, 9, and twins Isabella and Grace, 7, with ex-wife Kristin, who were conceived through in vitro fertilization with sperm frozen prior to Armstrong’s chemotherapy.

That said, we assume the same can inferred for the new baby, right?

Wrong. This child was reportedly conceived the good old-fashioned way.

In other words, surprise! Lance, who had one testicle surgically removed due to cancer, seems to have a working one left. This is reportedly rare in testicular cancer survivors.

Just call him "The Sperminator!"

Maybe they should start drug testing his sperm…

Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead