wendy williams wwprod Wendy Williams defends calling Rachel Crow a 'crack baby'Wendy Williams is defending herself a day after she was chided on Facebook for calling “The X Factor” castoff Rachel Crow a “crack baby.”

Williams, who called the 13-year-old the term during a Dec. 13 interview, believes she was totally in the right for doing so since the singer revealed she lived in a crack den as a baby. After her troubled days as a toddler, Crow was put into foster care and later adopted.

Of the feedback, Williams remarks, “They said that saying ‘crack baby’…is not politically correct…that might be politically incorrect, but I’m gonna tell you something, let’s not sugarcoat things.”

Williams further defends her actions saying that Crow’s publicist used the term during the pre-interview.

Crow made it to the the final five of the singing competition before getting voted off in a highly controversial decision. It has been reported that she is slated to meet with Disney executives in the coming weeks.

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Here’s the video…

Posted by:David Eckstein