wendy williams getty 320 Wendy Williams previews new GSN show 'Love Triangle'Television loves a good love triangle, but we never thought we’d see them on the Game Show Network. Leave it to “Dancing With the Stars” alum Wendy WIlliams to bring the drama! Williams, who also hosts her own daily daytime talk show, is the host of the brand new “Love Triangle” on GSN. The talk/game show hybrid  premiered Monday, April 11, with new episodes airing nightly at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

“Love triangle is a brand new show on the Game Show Network,” Williams says. “I am thrilled to be on this show as the host.”

She explains the premise of the show as follows: “It’s one person caught up with two people, and they want to decide which one they want to build a future with. We really do a good job here of digging into the background of people coming on the show.”

The person in question has been dating two people, but can’t decide who to be exclusive with, so Wendy helps them out. They examine their past and their potential futures with both partners — using aging software to see what they’ll look like in 15 years, and even a lie detector to ask questions about the person’s plans for their life.

“The person making the decision, in addition to their own thoughts and information that they’ve come with, we also give them lots of new information about the people that they have to choose,” Williams says.

Check out the preview below, exclusively on Zap2it!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie