Zap2it dropped in on Wendy Williams right after we attended a taping of her show in New York City. She changed from the very lady-like bob she was sporting on-air and into what she called her “street wig” and that’s how we knew she was ready to dish…
Every morning on the show, Williams goes over the day’s hot topics with very little abandon. So, we wondered if she had ever gotten any backlash for things she had said about some celebrities.
“Celebrities these days realize what they sign up for when they become celebrities,” she tells us. “We’re not the only show that’s talking about what’s going on in pop culture.”
Of course, the hot topic at Zap2it is why Bristol Palin is still “Dancing with the Stars,” so we asked Williams what she thought of the rumored republican conspiracy to keep Palin in the competition.
“After seeing the phenomenal numbers Sarah Palin did on her TLC show – five-million viewers,” she emphasizes. “The republicans might have something to do with why she’s staying around for so long.”
When it comes to the winner, though, Williams has her money on Jennifer Grey. Why?
“She’s got the sympathy vote,” Williams says.

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Video credit: Jethro Nededog, Zap2it

Posted by:Jethro Nededog