wesley snipes getty Wesley Snipes appeal denied, stays in jail for tax evasion

Wesley Snipes once famously said “always bet on black.”  Now, Wesley Snipes probably wouldn’t gamble at all at the risk of violating his inevitable probation.

An Atlanta federal appeals court denied Snipes’ latest attempt to overturn his 2008 conviction for tax evasion.  Snipes’ attorneys sought to prove that the certain jurors were guilty of bias and misconduct by determining Snipes’ guilt before the trial began. 

Defense attorney Dan Meachum’s play was denied and the circuit court upheld the initial ruling, citing a lack of “strong, substantial and incontrovertible evidence.”  Snipes has been serving a three-year term that started in December.  

We can’t be sure what Snipes will do when he is finally released, but if “Demolition Man” is any indication, our only hope is that Sylvester Stallone can be thawed in time.

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