Ever hear a story about a dog that followed its owners across the country because they left without it? Or a dog that alerted its owner to a house fire? That, ladies and gentlemen, is a best friend. And how better to celebrate your best friend than by throwing a viewing party for this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, airing Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11-12, on USA Network? So grab the pooch and a Milk-Bone — it’s time for a dog show party!

Setting the scene:
Not surprisingly, the main ingredient for this event is a ridiculous number of dogs: big ones, small ones, fancy ones, hounds and mutts. Hang a sign that reads “No Cats” above the front door. Invite a local obedience class to meet at your house during the party and offer a local pet store a chance to sell its wares. Hey, who among us doesn’t need a new leash? Party favors include dog biscuits for every pup and either a DVD of Best in Show or an issue of Dog Fancy magazine for their best friends.

Anything stuffy and pretentious. Guests get numbered armbands that correspond with collar bands for their dogs. Dogs are free to come as they are or dress to impress.

On the menu:
Hot dogs for humans, Alpo for four-legged partygoers. Have beef hash in dog bowls and gingerbread cookies shaped like dog bones. Everyone gets a pat on the head and a “Good Boy!” after the meal.

On the hi-fi:
Puppy Love by Paul Anka; Who Let the Dogs Out? by the Baha Men; Hound Dog by Elvis Presley; Everything Reminds Me of My Dog by Jane Siberry; Me and You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo; and anything by Three Dog Night, Snoop Dogg or the Pet Shop Boys.

The showstopper:
You know, it’s great to have a party to celebrate Fido, but to really prove he is part of the family, why not give Fido a vacation? No, don’t send him to Cancun; take him to a resort geared toward his interests — running, splashing and sniffing his playmates. Places such as Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont or Camp Barkalot in Salt Lake City are a great way to reconnect with your best friend. Best of all? No judging.

Posted by:Michael Korb