whale wars season 4 320 'Whale Wars': Sea Shepherd takes the battle back to the high seasA new season of “Whale Wars” debuted on Animal Planet Friday night (June 3), and it showcased a more aggressive Sea Shepherd resuming its battle to end whaling — provided the equipment holds up.

Part of the drama in the season premiere was whether one of Sea Shepherd’s ships, the Bob Barker (named after the “Price Is Right” host and animal activist), is still up to the hunting-whale-hunters task. (Spoiler: It is.) The crusaders eventually come upon a fleet of Japanese whaling ships, but rough weather in the Southern Ocean doesn’t allow for a direct confrontation.

Sea Shepherd is calling this season “Operation No Compromise,” and founder Paul Watson sets the tone in the clip below. A skeptical reporter asks if he really thinks he can end whaling, and he replies, “You can’t stop slavery — that’s what they said once.”

Take a look at the opening of “Whale Wars.” Are you watching? Do you agree with Sea Shepherd’s mission and methods?

Posted by:Rick Porter