Courtney Love and Kate Moss have so much in common. Bet there was a lot for these two train wrecks to talk about at Stella McCartney’s recent London fashion show.

Like, they could talk about designer clothes and about raising their daughters as single moms. About how long they’ve known Stella. Love Love Stella! Losing weight? Nope, Kate can’t relate. Reversed plastic surgery? Um, no. Kate’s not into it. But she could talk about her smashingly successful low-priced clothing line for Topshop. Eh, not so much for Courtney. But Love wore Chanel couture in a recent rag mag. How about hitting bottom? They can share recovery anecdotes and compare rehabs! Hey, who’s your Higher Power? Really? Me too!

How about favorite bands? Both women prefer to date muscians. So they can talk about stupid musicians and their stupid drug habits. Make that stupid musicians and their stupid drug habits, who also lie and cheat on you with anything that’s 98.6 degrees warm.

Yeah, and then the stupid musician blows his stupid brains out! Nyah, Kate can’t relate. Not yet anyway.

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Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead