the newsroom final season cast hbo What did 'The Newsroom' cast steal from the final season set?It’s almost lights out time for  “The Newsroom”. The final season of Aaron Sorkin’s drama about the inner workings of a news station hits HBO Nov. 9 and fans are in for an explosive six episodes.

The final season tackles some serious topics leading with the Boston bombings. However, it isn’t all serious news, remember Will and MacKenzie have a wedding to plan folks. Hopefully nothing derails their trip to the altar because it would be hard to take that again — yeah, “Castle” we’re talking to you.

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Zap2it got a chance to catch up with the cast at the final season premiere and had to ask just what item from the set they couldn’t bear to leave behind. The answers will surprise you since at least one castmember was too scared to take one.

The winner of the best piece of memorabilia goes to Jeff Daniels. When asked what Will McAvoy couldn’t leave behind, he said, “I took Will McAvoy’s chair out of his office. It’s at my home now.”

Here’s what some of the other “Newsroom” team had to say.

Grace Gummer (Hallie Shea): “I should have done that, taken something. I did not. I took my memories, my friends.”

Olivia Munn (Sloan Sabbith): “I took this antique stock ticker. Production told me they didn’t know if I could take it and I just said ‘I’m going to take it. You let me know if I need to bring it back.’ I also took some of Sloan’s diplomas.”

Chris Chalk (Gary Cooper): “No I didn’t. I wanted to take a lot, but we didn’t end on set…ah…well I can’t give it away…but we ended somewhere else. It was unfortunate. I would have taken everything from Gary’s desk. Everyone that took things is a thief. I am a straight-laced, nice guy.”

Adina Porter (Kendra James): “I took a bunch of things from my desk. I have a little phone holder that I can’t even use at home that I took. I just had to have it.”

“The Newsroom” returns Sunday, Nov. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins