brody jenner movember What does Brody Jenner actually do? We investigate.“The Hills” Lothario Brody Jenner was involved in a bar fight late Saturday night when a bar patron called him a “douche” and hit him over the head with a bottle. His girlfriend, pop-rocker Avril Lavigne, sustained injuries — according to her Twitter, she suffered a “black eye, bloody nose, hair ripped out, scratches, bruises and cuts.” Ouch.

It got us to wondering, though… does Brody actually do anything other than bar-hop in Hollywood?

It’s what made him famous on “The Hills” and his short-lived television show “Bromance.” But there’s got to be more to this guy, right?

Yes. He’s growing a mustache for charity.

Seriously. Brody’s focus right now is “Movember” — a.k.a. Mustache November or, in certain circles, No-Shave November. Brody is growing a mustache and asking fans, friends, and family to donate to the cause in order to raise awareness for mens’ health.  His “team” has raised $502 to support research, education, and survivorship associated with cancers that affect men.

Sometimes, he also tweets photos of mountain lions in trees.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie