Over the past year or so, a specific 20-year-old catchphrase from the film “Friday” has exploded in pop culture: “Bye, Felicia.” Everyone seems to be saying it whenever they feel like it — heck, an entire VH1 show is built around it — but what does it actually mean?

In honor of Monday’s (April 20) 20th anniversary of “Friday,” star Ice Cube stopped by “Conan” and explained to those who have no clue who this Felicia is what the phrase means.

“I mean, ‘Bye, Felicia,’ right now, that is the phrase to get anybody out [of] your face [who’s] saying something stupid,” says Ice Cube. “Just, ‘Bye, Felicia.'”

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And, if you ask Urban Dictionary — the go-to place for anyone who doesn’t understand something pop culture-related — the phrase means, “An expression used to dismiss someone. This person is usually irrelevant and annoying.” As Conan O’Brien says, it’s just one of those special lines from a movie that has stuck with its viewers. 

If you’re still a little confused about when it’s appropriate to say “Bye, Felicia,” take a look below at the scene where it all began.

Posted by:Casey Rackham