What goodies will presenters Reese Witherspoon, Felicity Huffman, Salma Hayek, Justin Timberlake and Sarah Jessica Parker grab at the Golden Globes Backstage Creations Retreat on Jan 13 and 14?

Here’s some of the items they can choose from. Keep in mind that the stars do have to pay IRS taxes (darn it!) on this swag so they’ll only take what they really, really, really want.

A Blackberry, Eyewear from Marchon. A Keurig single cup coffee brewing system, Mia Bossi high-end diaper and computer bags, and a six day/five night stay at a luxurious and lavish Starwood resort on Bora Bora.  A Starbucks T-shirt that they can sign and donate to Clothes Off Our Back foundation. A year of free rentals from Blockbuster. A Blueair Airpod. Customized diamond pieces from David Lundahl, Bolzano handbags. Cashmere socks from Christopher Fischer and Sapphire toothpaste. A Greggy Girl terry cloth bathrobe.

If it were me, I’d say damn the taxes and grab the free Bora Bora trip. Bet Reese will too. The soon-to-be-divorced actress deserves an exotic getaway after her split from the dirty, rotten, lying, cheating actor whom we never trusted and whose name shall not be mentioned.

Photo Credits: You need some sun on that pale bod, girl. Live it up. Take the Tahiti trip at the Golden Globes retreat.
Scott Suchman/WireImage

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