Here’s something you may not know about the Golden Globes: There are L’Oreal makeup artists in the ladies room! Seriously? Seriously.
During the show, female guests can hop into a professional makeup artist’s chair and get deshined and reglossed in an instant. Naturally, several stars took full advantage of the free face redux so they’d be camera-ready for all those stealth reaction shots during the show.
And they weren’t above accepting free makeup as well. Sienna Miller, who got all teary-eyed from so many moving acceptance speechs, loaded up on Voluminous Mascara before handing out the best actress in a mini-series Globe to fellow Brit Helen Mirren.
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss needed no touch-ups but did stuff her clutch purse with L’Oreal’s new HIP (High Intensity Pigment) lipglosses for all those congratulation kisses she planned to give at the post parties.
Patricia and Rosanna Arquette made multiple pit stops to the Ladies Lounge during the awards. Weak bladders run in the family? No, they were getting their lips re-glossed all night long. Brother David Arquette sent in one of his sisters to grab some Fashion Tape to fix what was referred to as a "tuxedo malfunction." I don’t even wanna know…

Photo Credits:The well-glossed Arquette clan and the Grammer family take over a couch at the InStyle/WB post Globes party. Camille keeps her legs together (thankfully) but she doesn’t look too happy about Kelsey paying so much attention to the brunette on the far end. Is it just me or is Patricia gonna need a bigger dress soon? Or a bigger couch.
Eric Caulfield/WireImage

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