Mere months after relocating from London to El Lay, Victoria Beckham’s brown hair has mysteriously turned blonde. Is it a vitamin deficiency? A genetic flaw? No. Environmental experts suspect a chemical that occurs naturally in the Southern California water system that lightens hair over time. The effect is far more noticeable in the Beverly Hills area, as evidenced by the increasing number of wealthy wives who tend to have the same pale wheat-colored hair. Some scientists now say there may be a link between the local water and other all-too-common symptoms of Beverly Hills residence: blank expressions, swollen lips, painfully tight faces, a year-round, all-over tan and hard, protruding bosoms. Sadly, Posh is also exhibiting all these symptoms. Currently, there is no cure. But there’s hope. Fundraisers are planned to raise awareness and money to find a cure for these sad and disturbing disfigurements.   

Photo Credits: Posh, back briefly in London for a sports awards show with husband David Beckham, displays hair that is turning blonder by the minute.  Scientists admit they are puzzled.
Anthony Harvey/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead