John Mayer What if John Mayer wasn't rich and famous and said what he said?Imagine what it would be like if John Mayer was just an average young guy with no musical skills, no fame, no money, no fancy car, no designer clothes and no famous girlfriends. 

What if he was just the d-bag who lived in your dorm? Or the dorky kid down the street that everyone made fun of behind his back?

What if he said really stupid racist and sexist stuff and bragged about his conquests — like what John Mayer said in his Playboy interview —  about how this one chick was like sexual crack. And he laughed about not dating black women because he had a white supremacist you-know-what.
What if he caught a lot of flack for it and then apologized to his friends for the stupid things he’d said. Then he started crying.
Can’t imagine it? Then watch this Haute Mess video.


 See what we mean?