susan dey david cassidy Susan Dey missed 'The Partridge Family' reunion?
Some people love reunions. Others dread them. And some break out in a rash at the very thought of them. We’re in the latter category. 
And so, apparently, are some actors who  starred in famous ’70s family TV shows.
The “Partridge Family” reunion was one member short when the cast gathered on Tuesday (March 2) for the “Today Show’s” “Great TV Families Reunited” series. Susan Dey, the actress who played eldest daughter Laurie Partridge was inexplicably MIA.


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This week, we also reported that a planned “Brady Bunch” reunion petered out when stars Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb (Marcia and Jan Brady) refused to be on the same stage together due to their feud. 
It reportedly had something to do with Maureen’s book detailing cocaine use, sex with her Brady brother and an alleged lesbian hook-up with Eve.
And Monday, the “Eight is Enough” cast reunited on the “Today Show” sans actor Adam Rich. 
The actor has been struggling with demons in the past few years, including arrests and substance abuse. Of course, so has “Partridge” kid Danny Bonaduce. And he showed up this morning.
We guess TV sitcom families, like real families, also have problems and issues.
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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead