danieldaekim lost 290 What 'Lost' mysteries would you like found?Last time out, I looked at one of my burning B-level “Lost” mysteries: how did Ben Linus end up in Rousseau’s net back in Season 2? It’s a B-level mystery in my eyes because while it’s a question I want resolved, I realize it’s probably not a central focus of Season 6. It’s hard to demand that the show answer that question instead of, say, the true nature of the Island. Well, it’s actually quite easy to demand it, but it’s not really fair.

But the discussion got me thinking about other B-level mysteries still floating in the enigmatic ether of the show’s murky narration. I’m thinking these deserve some analysis as well here on the blog. It’s all well and good to try to solve the nature of the smoke monster, but that’s not only prime, Grade-A mystery, but it’s also a little…obvious. I’m not advocating going to the extremes of obscurity when looking for alternate ambiguities. But going off the beaten path might be fun for me to write about and for you to consume with your eyeballs.

So I’m calling out for suggestions for B-level mysteries to analyze over the next few weeks. I want to know what lingering questions are in you brain that may not feature the top-shelf answers still waiting to be deployed, but will still fill in a lot of the gaps of the show as it heads towards the finish line. A few that pop into mind for me:

  • The nature of the pallet drops
  • Why Widmore himself didn’t/couldn’t go on the Kahana
  • What happened to the real Henry Gale
  • Who really ordered the Purge

I’m trying to avoid asking questions about The Others, because if you think about it, we truly honestly know extremely little about them. Trying to attack one aspect of their background inevitably leads to another muddled aspect which bleeds into another impenetrable puzzle. So maybe that’s a week’s worth of entries. (Say, next week’s. For funsies.) So hit me with your B-level mysteries as well as your burning Others questions as well in the comments below, and I’ll address your responses in the days to come!
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Posted by:Ryan McGee