homeland finale brody What shows are you watching during the December TV hiatus?As exemplified by the utter lack of anything but repeats gracing our TV screens for most of December, the month is traditionally a dead zone for new TV. While we’re still upset that we have to wait until Jan. 4 for the newest episode of “Revenge,” it does free up some valuable TV-watching time to catch up on older shows.

The first option during this new-TV-free time is to catch up on shows that aired this year but didn’t make the cut on our crowded DVR queues. Several Zap2it staffers have finally been introduced to the edge-of-your-seat wonder that is “Homeland,” while “Boardwalk Empire” and “Awkward” are being marathoned as well.

The second option is to take advantage of your Netflix streaming
account to watch shows you’ve never seen before, like “Felicity” or “Downton Abbey.”
“Dexter” and “Firefly” are also popular choices here at Zap2it (for both first-time and
re-watching purposes).

With so much good TV out there and so little time to actually sit down and watch, it’s actually quite nice to be able to check some shows off of our ever-growing “To Watch” lists. However, since midseason TV starts back up in a week, we’re sure that for every series we watch, five more will take its spot.

Your turn: What TV shows have you been catching up on during the December TV hiatus? What else is on your list?

Posted by:Jean Bentley