Samaire Armstrong plays Juliet Darling, a character suspiciously — and deliciously — similar to Paris Hilton, in the new ABC series "Dirty Sexy Money."   

When Hilton was having all those silly incarceration issues, ABC’s clever marketing department took out ads in the New York Post and the Los Angeles Times in support of the troubled heiress that read, "We love Paris, The Darlings." The same message flew over the courthouse from a plane’s banner during one of Paris’ hearings. And ABC also put up fake ads on notorious celeb blogger Perez Hilton’s site, denouncing Juliet’s diva-like behavior.

No wonder the Shopzilla gift bags on the Paramount lot at last night’s DSM premiere, sponsored by Bulgari, contained the following intriguing goodies …

]]>Durex Love Condoms, Think Pink Lust Dust Lickable Body Powder, the Dirty Secrets party game from Kheper Games, Pleasure Chest Melting Body Candles, EGO body lotion, Feather Teasers and Lighten Up Candles from Pure Romance, gift certificates to Sheila Kelley’s S Factor gym (think pole dancing), WET Safe Sex Kits by Trigg Laboratories, mini-bottles of V2 Vodka, and a Dirty Sexy Money money clip.

Only thing missing was a copy of Hilton’s notorious video romp, "One Night in Paris."

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead