b.o.b. monocle getty What's a monocle? B.o.B. bringing back the one lensed look at the Grammy AwardsThe monocle is a lens used to correct vision in one eye that was popular in the 19th century and, apparently, in the hip hop community in February 2011. B.o.B. appeared on stage at the 2011 Grammy Awards rocking a monocle quite impressively. So is it time to bring the one-lensed look back?

Maybe the monocle can be the new version of thick-rimmed hipster glasses.

Monocles don’t come cheap – you have to get them custom-made so that they fit comfortably in your own eye socket. Sexy, right? They’re also pretty inconvenient, since they can fall off if you strike the wrong facial expression. Surprised? Bam! Now you can’t see.

Who knows, though. Pop stars have brought back stranger fashions. If Lady Gaga has any say in it, we’ll all be wearing prosthetic nubs all over our bodies pretty soon. We prefer the monocle.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie