dunkaroos What's in Prince's refrigerator? Dunk a Roos and kimchi.Prince, notoriously private pop royal, actually opened up his fridge to the staff of blog Heavytable.com (“Feasting on the bounty of the Upper Midwest”). With a few conditions: No pictures (what you see above is just a generic box of Dunk-a-Roos with no known link to Prince), no description of his house or its location and Prince himself would not be present.

But, it turns out team Prince was amenable to an illustrator sketching the contents and the man himself was even open to answering questions — via e-mail — about the somewhat random selection (was it staged?) of food chilling in his fridge.

So, what was in the fridge? Among other items:

5 lbs. of Dunk-a-Roos: “Packs of kangaroo-shaped cookies with chocolate or vanilla frosting used as a dipping sauce.”
Homemade kimchi: “Clearly actually buried in someone’s back yard at some point.”
18 varieties of mustard: “U gotta love mustard,” wrote Prince when asked why so much. “The raspberry kind is the best. You wouldn’t expect it but that’s how it goes.”
Soy milk-based coffee creamer: “No cows were oppressed 2 make this righteous creamy creamer,” wrote Prince.
Microgreens: About a cubic foot’s worth, according to an eyewitness.
Yak milk, one quart: “It is given freely by the yak,” explains Prince, “So U can truly enjoy it.”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson