Doogie_240 What did How I Met Your Mother and Greek have in common this week?

Besides the fact that they both air on Monday night?

That’s right boys and girls they both featured one of my favorite television devices — the inside joke.

With a wink-wink and a nudge-nudge, show runners often use inside jokes as a way to have a private tête-à-tête with the viewer. A little secret shout out to the audience.

So we had Ashleigh telling the Dean that "Ferris Bueller is her generation’s Great Gatsby" on Greek. If you don’t remember that Alan Ruck, who plays the Dean, played Matthew Broderick’s best friend, Cameron, in this 1986 classic, the line still works. And if you do remember, you get an extra little kick out of it.

This week’s best inside joke moment came when Barney sat down to write in his blog on How I Met Your Mother. As he wrote, the theme music to Doogie Howser, M.D. played. And wouldn’t you know it? His screen looked just like the journal our little Doogie used to write at the end of every episode when he imparted his lesson learned. Barney’s lesson? As always, he’s awesome.

I already thought this episode might be the best episode of How I Met Your Mother yet (yes it was possibly even more funny than the Robin Sparkles video, let’s discuss) and the Doogie shout out was TiVo-worthy icing on an already deliciously hilarious cake. And all the better that the show waited until its third season to make the Barney/Doogie connection — striking us when we least expected it. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here and also don’t miss the website

What are some of my other favorite inside jokes?

1. Seth mentions the little girl that threw up in Sixth Sense in The Family Ties episode of The O.C. (1/6/2005): The little girl was, of course, played by Mischa Barton, Marissa on The O.C. We all know that The O.C. loved their inside jokes, but this was my favorite one.

Jasonbateman_arresteddevelopment_24 2. Michael announces that "The HBOs aren’t going to want us" in the "S.O.B." episode of Arrested Development (1/2/2006): The end was near for Arrested Development and the show was being pitched to HBO and Showtime. Michael may have been talking about Home Builder’s Organization but we all knew what he meant.

3. Roseanne asks the original Becky "Where the hell have you been?" on "Shower the People You Love with Stuff" episode of Roseanne (9/19/1995): Lecy Goranson returned to reprise her role of the eldest Connor daughter and going forward the show would have either Goranson or Sarah Chalke, who replaced Goranson when she left the show to attend college, play Becky. The episode ended with a song set to the tune of "The Patty Duke Show" about the two Beckys.

What are some of your favorite inside jokes on TV. Talk about them below.

Breaking and Most Excellent News

This just in . . . the deal with NBC and Direct TV is official. Friday Night Lights will begin its third season next fall on Direct TV and that 13-episode season will then air on NBC in the winter. My heart is very full. How about you?

Also Lipstick Jungle has been picked up for a second season. Today is a good day, don’t you think?

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

Paul James, Calvin on Greek, was the college student who discovered a dead body while fishing on CSI: Miami. Lisa Sheridan is the dead women Kathleen Newbury. She was Dr. Theresa Sanchez on Journeyman and Larkin on Invasion. Cornell Womack was Natalie’s brother Richard on Rescue Me. He was the truck driver who was arrested on CSI: Miami.

DJ recognized Maite Schwartz as Holly, the last of the final four Barney talked to on How I Met Your Mother (she was the one who Barney had abandoned while camping.). She was Lisa on quarterlife. Kathie remember that April Bowlby, who we first saw play Meg in the "Dowisetrepla" episode, also played Alan’s girlfriend Kandi on Two and a Half Men.

Shoshannahstern3_jericho_cbs_240 David recognized Shoshannah Stern as Leah O’Rafferty, the ex-girlfriend of the victim on Cold Case. She was Bonnie on Jericho and Megan on Weeds.

That’s all for today. I’ll be back on Friday with quotes of the week and much more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? What to nominate a quote of the week or a topic for discussion? Write me at

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