How is Robert Pattinson like his "Twilight Saga" character, Edward Cullen?  

"Stubbornness about some things, I guess. He’s pretty self-righteous and I guess I am," Rob admitted at the Los Angeles "New Moon" junket on Friday. "Yeah, um, I also get obsessive and possessive about things."

He also has very "specific ideas about [how] I want to do my work and how I'm being perceived to the point of ridiculousness sometimes. That’s why I don’t have a publicist; I can’t stand it if someone is trying to tell me to do something."

But more interesting is his frank admission about appreciating the romantic scenes in "New Moon" and — ready girls? — the most romantic gesture he has ever made in real life. It wasn't serenading a girl. God forbid.

But it has to do a 14-year-old Robert being smitten with a girl named Marie, and leaving a flower in her locker and another lad taking the credit for his bloom. 

Poor Robert!

Keep reading to listen to his interview about his real-life romantic moves!


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Photo: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead