What would you do if you lost $1 million dollars for a failure to pronounce the name “Achilles” correctly? A recent contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” now has his own answer to that question.

Contestant Julian Batts from Indiana University appeared on Friday’s (April 11) episode of “Wheel of Fortune” and landed on the biggest prize of them all — the tiny $1 million slot surrounded by “Bankrupt” on the wheel. He guessed the letter “L” to solve the “Person” puzzle, revealing every letter.

“MYTHOLOGICAL HERO ACHILLES” was there for the taking, but Julian made the unfortunate mistake of getting the pronunciation of “Achilles” so wrong that the judges didn’t accept it. Play went to the neighboring contestant, who answered easily.

Don’t worry though — there’s a happy ending for Julian. The college freshman may have lost his chance at $1 million, but he still took home some cash. By the end of the game, he was declared the champion with $11,700 in prize money.

And you know he will never pronounce “Achilles” incorrectly ever again.

Posted by:Laurel Brown