Starjones_emmys05_240Toward the end of her time on The View, Star Jones looked like the picture you see over there at the left. Now she looks like this.

That was the biggest takeaway from the former View co-host’s appearance at press tour to promote her upcoming daily talk show on CourtTV (soon to be truTV). Because her show will be live there was no footage to present, and her description of what she’s going to cover — newsmaking people and events, issues important to viewers and big pop-culture stories — only took a couple minutes. So someone eventually asked her about her new look. In fact, she seemed not at all surprised by the question.

"I was waiting for that," she said. "I know that people are curious. It’s changed. I mean I’ve changed completely from the way I looked when I first started in television and the way I look now and I think it does a service to our audience to really explain, and in the coming months I think that I will have answered every question that you want the answers to."

Sure, great. How about starting with answering those questions today, then?

"Well, today, as you can imagine, there’s a whole lot of people who put a whole lot into this particular day. This is really to talk about the Star Jones show on Court TV and ultimately truTV," Jones said. "And I wouldn’t want to take away from what everyone here has worked so hard to get us to. But I recognize very clearly that my viewing audience is interested. … So what I’m saying to you is, in the next coming months, before the show gets on the air Aug. 20, I will address it in a more appropriate forum."

"This is a room full of reporters," a critic very accurately noted. "Isn’t this a good forum?"

"I know, but put it like this," Jones replied. "There is one reporter who would be very annoyed with me."

And who might that be? we asked. Larry King? Her former View boss Barbara Walters? No and no, Jones allowed. Who, then? She wouldn’t say.

This went round and round for a while, with another reporter asking her if she realized "the public relations damage you’ve done" by not being straight.

"Well, since you all are the ones that are the keepers of the key, I guess so," she said. "You all have watched me change so much on television. You’ve seen me gain a whole person and lose a whole person, and I hope that you have understood if you were to put yourself in my position that that’s a whole lot for a human being to handle, not just physically, but emotionally. And it has taken a long time for me to feel comfortable to talk about it, to talk about it honestly and openly."

OK, here it comes. Or not: "This is not the format to do it," she added.

Finally, after a little more prodding, Jones allowed that she’s written a piece for Glamour magazine in which she details how she got thin and healthy and all that. Why that took so long, only she could say. But she did save herself a little with the very last question of the session.

"If, on your show, you have a guest appear and there’s an obvious question to be asked from that person sitting right in front of you and that person refuses to discuss it, goes off in another direction, begs off, how will you handle that?" someone asked

"I hope to handle it," Jones said, "with the same sort of gentleness that you’ve handled me."

Posted by:Rick Porter