Eminem When Eminem burst onto the scene, he enraptured the nation with his gift for saying exactly what the rest of us were already thinking but were too afraid to say out loud. 

But a lot has changed since the acclaimed satirist's last album — "Encore" — came out in 2004, both in politics and in pop culture. An entire industry has been built on celebrity bashing. Which is why Eminem's new video feels so flat.

With the steady current of sniggering, and downright damaging, remarks about famous people populating the public consciousness today, Eminem's new song, "We Made You," feels at best irrelevant. And at worst, truly mean.

In light of recent attacks on Jessica Simpson for her weight gain — and her well-publicized battle with her figure — segments of the video that feature a bloated, Jessica Simpson look-alike chowing down on burgers just feel stale and tacky. And also, about a month too late.

Here's hoping the rest of Eminem's new album, "Relapse," gets away from the celebrity culture and features some of the beautiful, honest and self-reflective poetry we have come to expect from this amazing artist, who was — and hopefully will remain — the voice of our generation.

— Stephanie Lysaght

Photo credit: WireImage

Posted by:Stephanie Lysaght