Joe on Brothers & Sisters is totally bumming me out.

I used to love his character and the honest look at marriage his relationship with Sarah offered. Then he went and kissed Rebecca which was totally icky but I was still okay. But this season, he’s turned into kind of a jerk. He’s back with his ex-wife and this Sunday (10 p.m. on WCVB, Ch. 5), he is suing Sarah for full custody of their children. What happened to sweet, sensitive Joe? Guitar playing Joe who emotionally supported his workaholic wife? I can understand that having Sarah single again opens up many story line possibilities but did they have to ruin Joe in the process?

You know who else is bumming me out? Addison on Private Practice. Because, let’s be honest, she’s not even the same character now that she’s moved to California. And Hiro is far too great a character to abandon in some hokey story line on Heroes. Hiro’s charm stems from his sincere, sweet-natured innocence. It’s what made his story line with the waitress one of my favorites last season. Bring back that Hiro. Please.

I remain very concerned about Landry on Friday Night Lights. Once you’ve killed a man, I think your days of comic relief on a series definitely comes to a close. I can’t seem to get past the fact that the Landry we knew last season would have called his father and done the right thing.

Are there any characters this season you aren’t loving like you used to? Post the characters that are bumming you out this season below.

Damages Finale

First if you haven’t yet watched the season finale of Damages, skip this section until you have.

Okay everybody still with me? Now more than ever I want this show picked up for another season. Because we were so tricked by the show, weren’t we? What amazed me is that so much was seemingly wrapped up in the penultimate episode only to be unraveled again. The man who killed David and worked for Frobisher is a detective. And boy did they hoodwink me with the kindly lawyer. It would have been so easy to make him evil but instead he’s working undercover with the FBI. Even with all my fearless predictions, I never saw that plot twist coming.

But my favorite jaw-dropping moment was the revelation that Patty really did try to have Ellen killed. The show ricocheted constantly around this possibility from having Patty disappear to the blood on her shoe that turned out to have nothing to do with Ellen’s attack or David’s death. TV Gal reader Brad thinks that when Ellen said, "Do you regret what we did?" that realized Patty realized she couldn’t trust anyone and made the resolution to have Ellen killed. I so agree and I so want this show back next summer. Think of what we still need to know about. Why did Patty’s son return to the apartment that night? Did Frobisher die? Will Larry get away with shooting him? Can Ellen bring Patty down?

What did you think of the Damages finale? Talk about it below.

Quotes of the Week

"You know maybe we should get married." Grissom to Sara on CSI. Not the most romantic proposal, but I’ll take it.

"Suck on that Tony Shaloub." J.D. in a voice over on Scrubs. This was my favorite quote of the week.

"Thank you. I hope we can live up to your stereotype." Lee to Susan on Desperate Housewives.

"Baby if I wanted my candy bar to make my breath smell minty fresh, I’d slap some toothpaste on a whatchamacallit bar and go to town on that bad boy.  Ya know what I’m sayin?" Turk on Scrubs when Carla suggests Junior Mints as a candy he could eat. Thanks to Brian for the quote.

"Just because there’s vodka in my freezer doesn’t mean I have to drink it… Wait, yes it does." Emerson Cod on Pushing Daisies. Thanks to Melissa for the quote.

"There’s clearly a deep emotional attachment between you." The therapist to Bones and Booth on Bones.

"Sorry daddy. It won’t happen again." Elle to an unknown man on the phone on Heroes. Who do you think she was talking to?

"I’m a cancer bitch." Lynette to Tom on Desperate Housewives. Thanks to Brandon for the quote.

"My cousin Tim fixes NBA games." Jack to the private investigator on 30 Rock. Karen was the first to submit this week’s most popular quote.

"People ask me all the time, ‘How do you stay with him?’. I always tell them, ‘There’s another side to Larry that you don’t see.’ And then I just realized today, there’s no other side." Cheryl to Larry Curb Your Enthusiasm. Thanks to Nicholas for the quote.

Exchange of the week

"Dick Cheney? He one of yours?" Dean to the Demon on Supernatural.

"Not yet but let’s just say he has a parking place reserved for him downstairs." Demon to Dean. Thanks to Melanie for the quote.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Monday with thoughts on Bones (I’m so on the bandwagon), Journeyman, Dirty Sexy Money and Cane. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week. Write me at Have a wonderful weekend.

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